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Protective devices. Device “Forpost – 1”

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Protective devices. Device “Forpost – 1”

устройство за предпазване от вредните влияния на телевизори и монитори

Device for protection against the negative influence of the monitors of PCs and TV screens.

Experts from the National Technical University, the team of “Spinor International” and the International University of bio-energy-technologies developed a device to eliminate the negative impact of torsion component of electromagnetic fields (EMF) monitors of personal computers (PC), televisions and other electronic techniques.

In the development of Ukrainian scientists have used ideas partial dispersion and deviations of the left torsion fields generated by PC monitors, TV screens and other electronic devices in their interaction with doing torsion fields of protective devices. Similar to this is the mutual influence of the torsion fields of buildings and equipment on lines geopathogenic zones (GPZ) that change the direction of the latter in such a way that they are parallel the walls. These facts were established by biolocation experts in Riga. The principle of interaction of monitors TF, TV screens, and in particular the TF protective devices is laid in the foundation of development.

The device that protects user PC and TV from the negative influence of torsion component of electromagnetic fields (EMF) monitor, represent a kind of generator of static forms of TF. The device to protect people from the negative influence of torsion component of the EMI on the video monitor consists of two coaxial put each other concentric cylinders of equal height, the space between them is filled with polymer.

In the literature are not described mechanism of forming the shape of the static TP, but we can assume that one of their sources electrical system occurring at the contact of two phases. The emergence of the interfacial potential differences is closely related to the electrical system – with asymmetric distribution of charged particles in the surface of the sections: an excess of positive charge on the side of one phase to another phase reported a negative charge. It is obvious that the interfacial potential differences occur at the boundary between two phases and are the source of polarization of physical vacuum source or form of the TF, with the result that the torsion arise components. Some of the processes that occur during the formation of the electrical system are not yet fully understood, since in this case it is a more subtle and complex mechanisms.

It is experimentally established that the cylinders as neutralizing elements using a biopolymer create makes torsion fields, while a torsion component of EMF monitors appeared and left TF.

The polymeric material is disposed in the space between the cylinders, pre-exposed to a given generator of TF at the time of its polymerization, allowing the implementation of the rotatable polarization of the polymer.

This process is critical for imparting barrier properties of the devices at least partially used in their fields coaxially arranged between the cylinders. As a result of the formation of static TF protection devices significantly strengthen and improve the efficiency of defense. Protective device is placed in the left TF monitor, preferably in front of him so that one end of the device to be oriented perpendicular to the optical axis of the monitor (Fig. 27).

farpost-zastita-ekran-televizor-monitor farpost-zastita-ekran-televizor-monitor-2

As mentioned above, the left margin of the screen, and the right scope of the protection device partly compensate one another, and the uncompensated portion of the left TF monitor practical deviates by 180° – in law torsion field SR, generated by the monitor. As a result of the interaction of oppositely rotating movements of the left SL and SR torsion fields do both weaken significantly and cumulative field monitor is striving background alignment.
The device to protect the wearer from negative influence on the monitor of the personal computer (PC) and other electronic techniques is a medium, which is a combination of regular geometric shapes with mating surfaces, creating a form of static polarization of the physical vacuum in which last significantly increase due to the arrangement of rotating particles of polymer or other essential part that fills the space inside the device.

The device to protect the wearer from negative influence on the monitor of the PC and other electronic techniques creates two straight static forms of torsion fields (TF), spreading in the form of symmetrical cones off, depending on the quantity of items with corresponding geometric surfaces.
Reflections on some results of experiments with the device “Forpost – 1”

Studies conducted in Ukrainian scientific hygienic center of the Ministry of Health and the Center for voluntary certification “MIRA” (Kiev, Ukraine) show that not observed any changes in the health of people working with devices for protection. Studies have been conducted and monitors with the same level of protection from known harmful for the body radiation. Before the start of the experiment was determined state of health of each of the users.

The results of the analysis of the health of undergoing experimental users of personal computers (PC), which have been protected from the negative influence of torsion component of the radiation monitor of the PC, testify to the significant weakening of these influences. Indicators of their health throughout the experiment does not change significantly until the health status of the body in consumer PC without safety devices tends to decrease with time. Compared with the original data on their health indicators have deteriorated with 20-40%.


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