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Protective devices. Sticker “Spinor”

устройство за предпазване от вредните влияния на телевизори и монитори
Protective devices. Device “Forpost – 1”
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Protective devices. Sticker “Spinor”

Employees of “Spinor International” (Kiev, Ukraine) were able to develop devices to protect man from the mobile phones torsion fields (TF) developed a diffraction grating with fractal composition that is made in ring shape and intersecting planes – scheme of spatial relationships with / in the physical vacuum that creates favorable conditions under which the said factor does not arise in the local zone around the phone (Fig. 1). According to scientists, namely the absence of so-called. left torsion fields (TA) in the area around the mobile phone leads to effective protection of the rights of its negative impact.


The description of the interaction of the diffraction grating attached to the hull of the mobile phone with its torsion radiation is detailed in the book of A. Pavlenko “Biosafety electronics. Step beyond the horizon of official science “. Academician confirms that the devices to protect people from the negative impact of mobile phones TF create a local area of ​​physical vacuum around the mobile phone, which, in itself, protects the wearer from negative action of the left torsion fields that are specific to mobile phones without protection devices.
Further refinement of the diffraction grating is realized with the development of the device “Spinor” (Fig. 2).


The device “Spinor” neutralizes harmful to human health torsion (information) component of mobile phones radiation and creates about phone biosafety area without causing any interference to mobile phones or other electronic devices.
In October 2005, scientists from Ukraine, France and Russia conducted joint research in France of the protective device “Spinor” also featured in the book of A. Pavlenko “Biosafety electronics. Step beyond the horizon of official science “. Of the studies found that the holographic resonator “SPINOR” neutralize torsion component of electromagnetic fields (EMF) of mobile phones, as well as the effects of these protective properties are transmitted by secure phone to another, which is not protected, and the broadcast of protective properties do not depend on the distance of the subscribers.
During the Dnieper held in five international scientific conference on “Energy informative unity in the world – a new paradigm of technological development”, academician A. E. Akimov (pic. 1, second one in right) said: “I would like to draw your attention the fact that in the course of the experiment, conducted in France, were actually showcased these three effects: 1st effect is associated with the harmful torsional radiation of mobile phones disappear from this device which is placed neutralizer; 2nd effect lies on the fact that the action of this neutralizer not spread to devices that are just nearby, and its effect is individual; The 3rd effect consists in that, in connection of this device to another without neutralizer, regardless of the degree of remoteness, this apparatus is also protected.

I would like to comment on these three effects from a scientific point of view. First, as far as these three holographic resonator cause some rotational polarization in space, it is quite natural that the TF within an area of ​​neutralization of emissions of mobile phones can not go beyond.


Figuratively speaking, we are “frozen” this space and it proved impenetrable mobile phone TF. The second case is related to the fact that, since physically this device is not connected to another, then it is impossible to convey the effect of polarization because there is no intermediary for a transfer, and the radius of action when dealing with neutralizer inside the camera actually restricted within the apparatus, or with its physical limits. The third effect – remote transmission properties of neutralization, from a scientific perspective is also understandable, but is more complicated to explain. In the work that we published 15 years ago, it indicated that electromagnetic fields (EMF) as opposed to gravitational and torsion have a very important feature: each type of EMF static electric fields and waves of EMF in this area of ​​space, where they occur and present, always give rise to torsional components. This view is now supported in a number of publications and monographs published abroad. If there is any device that generates EMF, then in any case along its rays will be observed the presence of TF. There is a very important factor associated with that rays of EMF appear particles that constantly rotate. Therefore, if we create TF to polarize the rotation of these photons, then in that case we will be faced with a situation where they will transfer this information by turning the movement of electromagnetic waves.”

Therefore, an important factor is that the rays of electromagnetic radiation appear photons, or particles that rotate – a well-known fact mentioned in all textbooks. If we create radiation that would polarize the rotation of these photons, how they ported by its rotation this information to the movement of electromagnetic waves?
From this perspective it is not surprising that such a polarized wave reaching the next apparatus produces the same effects and swirling device transmitter. In fact any electronics that is in traffic between these two devices will inevitably exam on themselves this impact.
Ukrainian scientist C. Krasnobrizhev complements explanation A. Akimov, as follows: “In order to implement quantum teleportation, or transfer of protection status from your mobile phone, which is protected to another mobile phone without protection is sufficient to make contact between the two phones, thus creating a line of connection or just an assembly line consisting of these two phones. The phenomenon of quantum teleportation occurs in an instant, which is independent of the distance or the interaction between the particles of a quantum system – or two phones. In such ambiguity is detected quantum particular form of the correlation of the composite system that does not have a classical analog. It occurs in a system consisting of two or more interacting subsystems and represents a particular superposition of different states. For such systems fluctuations – changes in rotational states – the individual parts are interrelated, but not by normal interactions (classical correlations), as limited by the speed of light, but by quantum nonlocal correlations. In this case, changes in one part of the system at the same time also affects other parts of (even separated in space, within its borders or infinitely great distance). In this case the mobile phone without protection is reproduced copy of the initial state phone protection. ”
Later A. Akimov continues: “Photons called localized in space electromagnetic formations which form electromagnetic radiation carried in the space of energy and information. As far as electromagnetic radiation used to transmit energy and information, the photons are elementary carriers of energy and information.”
Range radio frequency radiation – the flow of photons, not modeled carrier – is the flow of pulses of photons of different density or frequency see
:,, which in the context of quantum electrodynamics can be considered as electromagnetic radiation from the stream of photons (Fig. 3).
The particles carriers of electromagnetic interactions occur as a photon (a particle that can be represented as elementary quantum excitation of the electromagnetic field).


Photons polarize, because rotate in the same plane and centrifugal forces of inertia acting on the central mass of the electromagnetic field of the photon, increase their radial dimensions and reduced in perpendicular planes of rotation. Thus photons acquiring a shape other than spherical and closer to flat. Photons have no charge because they are composed of an even number of diverse electric and magnetic fields that make the total charge of the photon, which is equal to zero.
In other words, the theory of A. Akimov, polarized photon leaves in its path trajectories of their movement speed – polarized traces. These tracks, among which photons attracted to each other, act as a communication channel between the emitted photons.
The change of the angle of polarization of a photon takes place by means of torsional disturbance of other photon through this rotation – polarized channel. If the assumption of the velocity of propagation of the torsion signal is true, it is a hidden parameter that is similar to the time and is a space-time as mentioned above.
For comparison, the communication speed TF is infinitely large. If this method is used to transmit information in the form of pulses, and then send them with greater frequency, we can send more than using the digital information transmitted by electromagnetic waves. But this is not about quantum analysis of electromagnetic signals. In TF no wave structure with peaks and troughs or “package” of energy. Throw in cross rotation, the photon is associated with neighboring and instantly realized transfer to the recipient. The momentum is absent, as far as the photon has no mass and twisting his accident. Whatever happens, it is a state of transition of the photon in a state of transverse polarization, which can be extended towards the entire universe.
This line remains the same space until it comes deletion. Research in this direction is still in its infancy and in need of physical and mathematical understanding and development. So we use the official model of radio frequency photonic processes caused by electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone and its torsion component which is essentially holographic resonator. Adduced above experiments, such as the transfer of state protection from mobile phone to one without protection, or more precisely about the coherence of torsion radiation of mobile phones with protection, can be interpreted from the perspective of nonlocal contact mechanism of quantum teleportation. In the mobile phone protection is actually performed wave transmission of speech and digital information, and inversion of left torsion fields in doing. It is still unknown polarization of radio frequency transmission of speech and digital information using rotational-vibrational and quantum molecular characteristics of mobile phone protection. As torsion field is generated by the rotation of the photons, then its action could take the form of amendments to their state of rotation.


“Методы и приборы защиты от торсионного излучения” Павленко А.Р.