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Impact of personal computers on the human body

Known basic risk factors for health disorders
Синдром на компютърния стрес
Computer stress syndrome

Impact of personal computers on the human body

Въздействието на персоналните компютри върху човешкия организъм

torsionno-pole-generator_engThe heart and brain are peculiar generators of electromagnetic and torsion fields and whole body there radiates its own unique torsion field (called by Birden “scalar aura”) which contains holographic smallest details of every living organism. Torsion field has the ability to transmit its spatial configuration of the other torsion fields, and to interact with them.

There is compelling evidence of the complex by nature and adverse human health effects of electromagnetic and torsion radiation monitor of the personal computer (PC) on the body of its user (Fig. 1).


fig. 1

Types of radiation from the monitor of the personal computer (PC) (Fig. 2)

Research featured in numerous scientific papers and conducted using modern instrumentation, it is clear that the monitor of the PC is a powerful source of several fields and radiation, among which we can mention:


fir. 2

– X-ray;

– UV (315-400 nm);

– Visible (400-700 nm);

– Near infrared (700 – 1050 nm);

– Far infrared (1050 nm – 1 mm);

– Electrostatic and torsion fields and others.

PCs monitors emit electromagnetic fields (EMF) in a very wide range. In the radio range these fields are produced by the PC monitor. For their main source serving horizontal and vertical position of the inducer, which scans the electron beam and works in range 15 ÷ 35 kHz. At a distance of 50 cm from the screen the usual voltage electric fields is 1 ÷ 10 V/m. Video lessons also produce electric and magnetic fields at 50 or 60 Hz.

The first reports about the harmful effects of video terminals are associated with diseases of the skin of the person found by scientists in Norway, Sweden and UK. A study conducted with more than 300 people showed that exposure to these harmful influences leads to a rash on your face that appears shortly after they began their work with a computer. Nielsen scientist even then rejects the idea of ​​the appearance of dermatitis such as allergic reaction by contact with a computer monitor and suggests the possible role of electrostatic field monitor in the formation of these phenomena. Attempts to reduce the electrostatic capacity by grounding the woven metal screen, by simply using liquid in a glass container with an electrolyte solution, which in some cases give a positive result. No less successful is the increase (50%) of humidity in the room and removing the power supply of floor coverings. However, there is no absolute certainty and not renounce possibility of action in combination with other disadvantages. This view is shared by many scientists today, but Uedberg suggests the possibility of influence of ions in the air on the face, which manifests itself in the form of skin reactions at the user of the computer. Studies conducted in Finland found that electrostatic field of video lessons materially changes the ratio between positively and negatively charged ions in the air in the room, which substantially increases the problem of diseases of the skin. Based on the statements of many patients undergoing treatment of skin problems stopping the operation of the video display, scientists Suonbek and Bleecker conducted a number of tests that do not give unambiguous results. Suonbek is more inclined to version electrostatic rather than electromagnetic fields. Judging, however, the results of Akimenko, electrostatic fields with voltage more than 1000 V/cm amend the intensity of metabolic processes in the skin, reduce bacterial activity by increasing the relative humidity 70% and practically can eliminate electrostatic manifestations of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Toxicological aspects of office space in our time acquire far greater importance than ever before, especially in connection with the use of computers and other electrical devices, and skin problems are considered one of the forms of common somatic vegetative disorders which found among workers due to the impact of stressful social and psychological impacts.

Attention to miscarriage in women working in proximity to video lessons was provoked after the mention of such cases in a number of publications issued in the US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and Poland. In addition, the observed defects in the development of children born to such women are considered to be consequences of teratogenic effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by the monitors of personal computers (PC), although the time to monitor the formation of these findings is obvious insufficient.

In 1979 the scientific communities of different countries is excited by the occasion of the article Americans Uerteymar and Liypar published in many prestigious magazines. In it, scientists are based on his own research, conducted in Denver (USA), and reported an increased risk of cancer, especially leukemia in children living near high voltage power lines and exposed to radiation on their electric and magnetic fields with a powerful frequency (60 Hz).

Discussed problems do not remain part of the research laboratories and teams of professionals. Attempts to chicken embryos teachings Delgado teratogenic action of low frequency magnetic fields (40 mkTl) with frequency 15,6 kHz, and the experience of Chang and scientists who are his co-authors, it receives acceleration caused in mice certain specific teratogenic effects although it is performed simulation is not in full volume – exposure, in rings of Helmholtz.

As the most correct in the context of this play can be given data from an experiment conducted recently by a group of scientists like Anisimov. During the research the harmful effects on experimental animals resulting directly from the monitor, allowed scientists with maximum accuracy to simulate all aspects of its effect on the animal organism. In the experiment was observed an increase in the margins of the monitor, and consequently, appearance of urethane tumors in mice that were exposed for 1 hour per day, five times a week, of the electromagnetic fields on the monitors of personal computers, which is an indicator for stimulating effect of the radiation monitor on the development of certain types of cancers.

In an experiment conducted with rats, a team of scientists explore the pathogenic effects of emissions of PCs on animals as a result of exposure are beginning to exhibit extremely low viability. About half of young born to irradiated long before pregnancy itself individuals have died in the first days after birth. The same series of experiments was carried out with white mice. Research shows that among those who were irradiated from the PCs monitor, develop stress reactions, the size of the kidneys and testes decreases significantly and performed involution of the central authorities and their immune system weakens significantly and leads to hypertrophy of peripheral organs.

Even more startling data obtained in the study of the impact of computer monitor on tadpoles and grass frogs. Their exposure for more than 3 hours causes death of the animals. With longer exposure in tadpoles observed various health defects and anomalies – anencephaly (no brain), underdeveloped heart, limbs and others.

Other experiments conducted with live births aquarium fish, have shown that under the influence of the radiation on the PC monitor at the fish was observed to varying degrees of degeneration of the gonads, reduction in the ovaries of 3-5-fold in females and 2-3 times testicular in males, which leads to a complete inability for the reproduction of fish.

According to our data the effects of radiation PK promote the growth of amoebae, yeast and others. Fellow of the Institute of Biological Sciences and candidate of biological sciences Vladimir Avramov found that the occurrence of mutations under the influence of radiation monitors PC on plants and seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana in its intensity is comparable to exposure in the 30-kilometer zone around Chernobyl. It seems appropriate to draw attention to those aspects of EM whose effects on the function of vision somewhat neglected by researchers for security when using a PC. There is also the likelihood of strong epileptic seizures when watching television, if space does not permit enough away from the screen, according to studies of many scientists in this connection.

Although epilepsy suffer significant minority of people, according to Zhivons and others. scientists in more sensitive individuals working on a computer or sitting a long time in front of the TV screen, it can cause seizures, especially if the quality of the computer used to monitor TV. However, as computer monitors have a greater effect on jitter, the absence of this particular specific structure makes them less able to cause such seizures compared with televisions.

Prof. Akio Mori from National University in Japan, who studies the activities of the front lobe of 240 people between the ages of 6 and 29 years, which to varying degrees are fond of video games and watching TV, concludes that they have significantly decreased activity of brain activity. When analyzing the data obtained, A. Mori draws attention to the rhythmic beta and alpha indicators for different people, whether or not get carried away by video games and watching TV. It is assumed that the prefrontal lobe of the brain responsible for emotions and creativity. At the same time distribution of the alpha-rhythm indicates that they are inactive, and beta rhythms show the activity of the thinking process. People belonging to the normal group and less entrained in video games, beta-rhythms outweigh the alpha rhythm and this ratio does not change even if the representatives of the normal group did not begin to play. On the other hand, players who spend up to seven hours a day in front of the screen, beta-rhythms almost absent. In addition to differences in brain activity A. Mori noted the inadequacy of the behavior of the majority of fans of video games – they significantly easily lose control and go out of themselves, difficult to concentrate and have difficulties in communicating with other people.

Other no less important phenomena involved in the direct perception of the man from the receivers of magnetic fields was named magnetic phosphane. Before relatively long time appear people with their eyes closed, feeling the flashes of light during irradiation of the head of variable frequency magnetic fields above 10 Hz at an intensity of tens of MTL. There are moments when it was assumed that the emergence of magnetic phosphanes due to the influence of the magnetic field that excites brain structure. Later it was discovered phenomenon electrical phosphane which is similar in sensations arising during the passage of the electric current with low frequency in the head. This fact is important in obtaining recognition in recent years the main role of neurohormones produced by the pineal gland (thyroid), melatonin on the impact of low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF). Melatonin is synthesized directly in the retina in humans and animals and is believed to play an important role in the transmission of signals from the eye to the pineal gland. Recently Oltses and other scientists held settle in their experiment that changes in magnetic fields with intensity 30 mkTl which constitutes the geomagnetic field of the Earth significantly change the content of melatonin in the retina of rats. Oltses and his co-authors consider that the retina of the mammal involved in the transmission of information of the magnetic field of the central nervous system. In addition, Prato and other scientists in recent studies indicate that the effects of exposure to low frequency magnetic fields of low intensity (141 mkTl) can be modeled by light, and the realization of this effect by opioid system. More importantly, however, the analysis of the results of this study can be fundamental for this. Remaining in humans inherited from animals similar system of perception of magnetic fields through receptor structure of the retina works like electricity and magnetophosphenes in pulsed low frequency EMF, which send signals to the brain when working with computer monitors or TVs. This is the other cause of stress and violation of normal function of organs of vision.

Too many household appliances and electrical networks in our homes produce electric and magnetic fields at a frequency of 50-60 Hz. As far as these fields are considerably weak static magnetic field of the Earth (about 400-500 MHz), or in other words its electric field can hardly be characterized as hazardous to human health and of course, studies in this direction are not getting support.

Where are hidden dangers affecting the user of the personal computer (PCs)? From our perspective approach to understanding the nature of the potential adverse human health electromagnetic fields (EMF) allow the theory of torsion fields (TF) whereby they appear component of any EMF.

In addition, it appears that persons working in the electrical industry (electricians, electrical engineers, support personnel serving telephone and electrical lines) are more likely to get sick and die from leukemia and some other malignant cancers such as brain, prostate and mammary glands, than workers in the fields of specialties.

The article brought similar data on morbidity in locomotive drivers and their assistants. In terms of incidence on drivers and their assistants ranks first.

What remains to negative impacts on human health from wireless phones. Research into the biological effects of emissions wireless phones confirmed that the most sensitive systems in the human body have the nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive. The reaction of these systems determine the final effects of the negative impact on human health in general. As with working with PC monitor, the area of ​​irradiation is the brain and peripheral receptors of the vestibular system, visual and hearing analysts. When it is obvious that the various areas of the brain and receptors are responsible for the correct and proper functioning of the above-mentioned critical systems in the body. When using a cell phone with a frequency of 400 to 900 MHz wavelength slightly greater than the linear dimensions of the human head, in which case the radiation affect unevenly – when it can be formed “hot spots” especially in the center of the head. Experiments with animals have not produced any evidence, since none of them has a skull similar in size and shape to human. Therefore, in recent years, great importance is given to research using sophisticated models and computational methods for the analysis of energy absorption from the different structures of the brain. Calculations of the absorbed energy of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) from the human brain have shown that when using a mobile phone with a peak power of 2 W and a frequency of operation of 900 MHz, the voltage of the field on the brain (in the hypothalamus) is from 20 to 30 W/m or 120-130 mkW/sm2.

Given the important role of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus in the implementation of mental functions in humans, we can expect that prolonged repeated impact to the limits of EMF and accompanying information torsion components can lead to mental disorders in this including amendments to the reflex system, behavioral responses, impaired short-term and long-term memory, changes in bioelectric activity in different brain structures.

The impact of EMF and their information torsion components on the human body are insufficiently explored. But it is clear that this is not without consequences. Suffice it to point out numerous experiments with laboratory animals conducted in France, USA, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia, which confirm the possible effects of weak EMF ultra-low and low frequencies and their torsion components in biological objects, especially the brain.

Moreover, the fixed position under pressure of working in front of computer for longer and chained to the computer screen leads to excessive fatigue and pain in the spine, neck, shoulder joints and intensive work with the keyboard, which provokes more pain in the joints of elbows, wrists and thumbs.

Operator’s work involves primarily visual perception of displayed on the monitor screen information, so their visual apparatus is exposed to considerable danger when working with a PC. The factors most affecting sight are the following:

Imperfections in the ways of creating images on the computer monitor. This factor incorporates:

– Sub-optimal parameters of the pattern of the curves of the electron beam;

– Incompatibility between the parameters of the computer monitor, and graphs adapter;

– High enough access to monitor defocus the background, insufficient reduction of radiation and low levels of its other technical characteristics;

– Insufficient or excessive brightness of images;

Torsion components of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

unfocused organization on the desktop, which is the reason:

– The presence of glare on the front of the screen;

– Absence of adequate light in the workplace;

– Ill-judged distance of sight of the operator to a computer monitor or TV screen.

In addition to all the work computer is accompanied by acoustic noise, including ultrasound scans.

The possible decrease in confidence of working in front of a PC is the subject of a research program of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Institute for the Protection of working environment and occupational diseases in the US scientific and medical institutions in Sweden, France, Austria, Japan and Ukraine.

Although the overall picture of the impact of computers on the human body described above, looks extremely bleak and it is necessary to remember that such effects are possible only in cases of absolute ignoring the problem. Anyone who uses a computer has an obligation to be aware of the dangers that stand in front of his “face”, especially if you have the opportunity to beat them.

Particularly badly neglected problem of the protection and creation of comfortable conditions for the existence of man in his professional and domestic environment, finding a way to prevent the loss of aptitude.


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