General terms

1. General provisions

Article 1. These General Conditions for use of an Internet site of KRESON GROUP LTD and the services provided through them shall regulate the relationships between KRESON GROUP LTD (hereinafter referred to as Spinor Bulgaria) and any person (hereinafter referred to as the User), who uses an Internet site of Spinor Bulgaria and/or the services rendered through it. Within the meaning of these Conditions an Internet site of Spinor Bulgaria shall be the site of
Article 2. These rules are published on the Internet site of Spinor Bulgaria and are deemed as accepted by the User by the fact of his entry into the site. The User shall be obligated to use the services in compliance with the requirements of these General Conditions.
Article 3. is an online store that sells products in the business and innovative technology sector. Online store is a property of Falkon Best Ltd company, registered in the Commercial register of the Bulgarian Registry Agency, UIC: 201524402 with main office address: Sofia, Krasna polyana district, Krasna polyana 2, ul. “Sirma Voivoda”, phone: 0895 686 008, e-mail:
Article 4. All the published on information is publicly available on the internet.

2. Users

Article 5. Users within the meaning of these terms are divided in two categories:
Subparagraph 1. Unregistered users (guests)
Subparagraph 2. Registered users who voluntarily give their personal data when they register on the website.
Article 6. More about the processing of personal data you can find out in our Privacy Policy.

3. Order

Article 7. After they click on the button “Buy” the user agrees to buy the products in the „Shopping bag“
Article 8. To place an order in our online shop, the user has to state:
– a valid e-mail address
– shipping and billing address
– agreement with the general terms
This action is legally binding and the user receives a confirmation of the placed order by email which means the contract is concluded but it doesn’t oblige the supplier to provide the ordered product yet.
Article 9. In case the ordered product is not in stock, the supplier notifies the user within two working days and if the user doesn’t agree to order another product, the order can be canceled. In case there has been made a bank transfer payment to the supplier, the amount is reimbursed within 3 working days from the moment the order was canceled to a bank account stated by the user.
Article 10. Orders in online store can be placed 24 hours a day, everyday. The orders are processed from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00. Orders placed and confirmed before 15:30 are processed and sent the same day. Orders placed after 15:30 are processed the next working day.
The user has the right to refuse a placed order, by the phone or by e-mail to this address: (without the need for stating the reason behind the refusal) by saying or writing their first and last name and the order number.

4. Delivery

Article 12. The supplier confirms by e-mail or on the phone their preparedness to ship the product. After the confirmation of the supplier’s preparedness, the product is sent to a courier and that action transfers the responsibility to the courier. The supplier is not responsible in case of delays in case the delay is a result of the actions of the courier or another supplier.
Article 13. Delivery time on Bulgarian territory is 4 days from the day following the confirmation of preparedness by the supplier.
Article 14. The products is delivered to the exact address stated by the user or to an Econt office in the town.
Article 15. If the user doesn’t ensure access or the necessary conditions so the product can be delivered to the stated address or if the user doesn’t go to the Econt to receive the product, the supplier is no longer responsible for executing the placed order.
Article 16. In case of incorrect information, wrong address, contact person and/or a phone number when the order is being placed, the supplier is not legally bound to execute the order.
Article 17. When the product is being delivered the user or third party signs the accompanying documents. Third party is every person who receives the product on the stated address but has not placed an order.
Article 18. As soon as the product has been delivered, it should be carefully examined by the user or by the authorized party. Possible defects and other damage have to be reported to the supplier.
Article 19. In case of refusal of the delivered product, the user owes all the transportation cost. In case the user can’t be found in the specified period on the delivery address or in case the user doesn’t ensure access or necessary conditions in this period, the supplier is discharged of his obligation to deliver the ordered product.

5. Shopping terms – prices and method of payment

Article 20. The articles in online store have to be bought by the users at the quoted price in the stated currency and under the stated conditions. The methods of payment and the delivery time in online store are described on the page – Delivery and payment. In case of payment by bank card, the user has to register on the website.

6. Guarantee

Article 21. For every purchase in the online store the user can use the guarantee of product conformity provided by the Consumer Protection Act.
Article 22. In addition to the legal guarantee, some of the products can have also a commercial guarantee.

7. Customer complaints

Article 23. According to the Consumer Protection Act and electronic commerce rules the user has the right to file a complaint in case of shortage, defects, size mismatch, brand mismatch. The complaint can be filed within 5 days after buying a product. In case the user files a complaint he has the right to demand a substitution of the product with a new one or a discount.
Article 24. Within 14 days from the moment of receiving the product, the client has the right to return it or substitute it if the following conditions are provided:
The product is in good condition (the fabric is not broken, scratched, used or damaged in any way)
There are damages, caused by misuse
The product is kept in the original packaging, with the additional consumables and accessories in case there were any included.
Article 25. The transportation cost for returning a product are borne by the client. In case of product substitution the transportation cost in both directions are borne by the client. The client chooses which company’s courier services he would like to use. In case the payment was made by a bank card, the sum is reimbursed by a reverse transition within 3 working days after the product has been returned.

8. Conditions for copying information

Article 26. FALKON BEST Ltd. entitles owners of other sites and users to publish links to online store
Article 27. Copying texts and photographs from and putting them into other websites and online stores without the written consent of FALKON BEST Ltd. or without citing the source by placing the following: “Source: online shop spinor as “online store” is a link to
Article 28. Falkon Best Ltd does not confer and does not transfer in any way to the User or the Client patent, copyright, trade marks or information (including trade secrets) or any other intellectual property rights, owned and used by Falkon Best Ltd. on legal basis.
Article 29. Falkon Best Ltd does not acquire copyright to the content and the information that the User uploads in the Online store.

9. Responsibilities and duties

Article 30. Online shop not responsible for the depletion of quantities of certain items, as in the case of delayed shipment due to lack of cash, waiting for new import a new batch of production or delay in delivery to us by the importers or manufacturers of the goods.
Article 31. In the event that it can not be assured your desired item or provide a delay of completion of the contract, you will be informed by phone call or letter, possibly will be offered alternative items.

10. Final provisions

Article 32. Falkon Best Ltd reserves the right alter unilaterally the general terms of use, as well as the structure of their web page and they are not obligated to inform the Users.
Article 33. For all the issues not regulated by these Terms applies the existing at the moment National Legislation.
Article 34. In case of disputes the two parties voluntarily try to to reach an amicable settlement. In case this is not possible either party may refer the dispute to arbitration.
Article 35. In the event that parts or whole provisions of these General terms be recognized as contrary to mandatory rules, void or for any reason whatsoever unenforceable, that provision will be considered separate to the remaining provisions and will not affect the operation and viability of which and any other provisions.

Regulatory institutions

The activity of “Falkon Best” Ltd. is regulated by Consumer Protection Committee and Commission For Personal Data Protection with the following contact information:

Consumer Protection Committee:

  • website:
  • phone number: 0700 111 22
  • email:
  • address: Sofia, pl. Slaveikov, №4А, store 3, 4 and 6

Commission For Personal Data Protection:

  • website:
  • phone number: 02/91-53-518
  • email:
  • address: Sofia 1592, bul. „Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” № 2