About us

A growing number of people in the modern world who earnestly begin to take care of their health.

In traditional medicine, health is seen as harmony of three bodies: physical, energy (biofield) and information and diseases of the physical body is seen as the result of changes in energy and information body. Torsion (information) component of electromagnetic energy radiated influence and informational human body and therefore legitimately can talk about energy informative influence and the need for energy informative protection.

As far as we are living in an age of high technology and technical progress, the interest in the issue of the impact of technological factors on human health is growing. Some technological factors affecting human health, appear broader use of various electronic techniques. Studies in recent years show that with the exception of electromagnetic emissions, there are so called torsion fields, often called and informational components that have a negative impact on human health.

That is why our company – “Falcon Best” Ltd., http://gchdigital.com/ – has as its object of presentation and dissemination of reliable information and products in business with innovative technologies that improve living standards. As official importers of products under the brand “Spinor”, we strive to support concerted action to combat the harmful effects of modern technologies. Our main goal is to provide our customers calm and healthy living and therefore direct their efforts towards collaboration in healthcare specialists from around the world, including the International Research Fund (IRF). In a joint work with the fund “DST” (http://www.icmedicals.com/) we work on building a stable system where our loyal customers to be well informed about everything that has a negative impact on their healthy of life.

Our efforts are focused entirely on it to provide you full value life without the harmful effects of new and fast growing technologies that surround us everywhere – in homes, offices and recreation areas. That is why we have borrowed and the promotion and distribution of all products under the brand “Spinor” from which you can benefit by well developed our online system.