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Computers and child health

Синдром на компютърния стрес
Computer stress syndrome
Мониторите на лаптопи като източници на ЕМИ
Notebook monitors as sources of EMF

Computers and child health

Компютрите и детското здраве

Computers and child health is a serious problem in modern societies, of which deserve special attention. Today, in the modern world there is a very powerful industry that is focused on mass production of computer games. A huge number of companies are fighting each other for the championship on the market, creating a sometimes fascinating and complex, sometimes aggressive and filled with bloodthirsty heroes games for children of all ages, but sometimes the viewers of these computer games are proving too small children who virtue of their anatomical and physiological features are most sensitive to external influences negative kind, especially those whose origins are rooted in the new and ever-emerging computing and other technologies. Left without parental supervision in this regard and no protection against potential damage to their health, kids gladly give all his spare time and attention.

In this regard we should not forget about the big dangers they face and that can have a durable and lasting effects on their health. Children in considerably less than adults can control their behavior and get carried away much easier due to the lack of well-established evaluation capability. They can not at the right moment to break away from the TV and become unwitting spectators extremely exciting events that are played on the screen in front of them. Their psyche is still unstable and therefore length of time spent fascination with computer games can cause undesirable consequences and health problems. Among them we can mention excessive arousal (excitement), the formation of certain typical to some extent and epilepsy disease as negative traits such as jealousy, suspicion, hostile-aggressive attitude toward family and others. There is a reason but parents (adults) in no case should not allow the children to the computer or TV, but it is necessary to strictly dosed time they spend in classes at the computer/TV, especially in cases where no device for protection against the negative influence of torsion fields (TF).

It should be noted that in recent years appeared a huge number of literature about the negative impact of televisions and computer technology on children’s health. According to several researchers level of health that excessive working on a personal computer (PC) is significantly lower than that of workers in other industries – according to recent studies it is 2-5 times lower. Of particular concern, however, provoke the growth of morbidity of cardiovascular (4-5 times higher). As noted in many publications, most is the impact of radiation on vessels of the brain.

When examining the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the health of workers on PC participate three groups – children aged 9-10 years, 16-year-olds and adults. Indicated an overall assessment of their health and performance of individual human organs in separate individual cases before and after working with computer Fol method (method of electro-diagnostics). By the method of Fol successfully provided similar assessment for the amendment of the power of certain biologically active currents using a measuring device microamperes and two electrodes.

After a detailed study has found that the assessment of the work on the cerebral vessels is lower in non-working computer and aged up to 40 years (46 tests) – 30% of cases; computing to 1 year (38 studies) – 36%; computing to 3 years (19 tests) – 48%, computing to 5 years (17 tests) – 57%.

According to data from research scientist E. Kostrubin violations in the frontal areas provoke distraction and lead to depression, decrease in creativity, decrease the work of internal organs, which is established after computing and increased incidence of workers at PC.

It should be noted that changes and activity of the two brain hemispheres. Found fundamental differences in the methods and means of the processing of sensory information and identification of images between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. These differences conclude that the left hemisphere is responsible for visual cognition, and through consistent classification and logical analysis acquires the ability mistakes in assessing new experience by comparison with the old; while right by structuring initially gives a full description of the image, moving to a general description in shaping the overall image in perception. People with increased activity in the right hemisphere of the brain are much more productive and able-bodied. Right brain reacts to negative emotions, while their unlocking occurs euphoria. Positive emotions are “absorbed” by the left hemisphere, while unlocking his negative emotions arise.

It was found that the 10-year-olds to 20 minutes of computer activity of the hemispheres of the brain decreased 1.5 times. This affects the mental ability as it decreases their capacity and disrupts the nervous system – a process that is observed in schizophrenia. From the above it is clear that the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the working of the PC in the first place reduces the efficiency of the cerebral vessels.

At certain levels of exposure effect of electromagnetic emissions from computer monitors lead to a violation of metabolic processes in the human body, which becomes the occasion to hold a selection and analysis of the urine of a group of people working a long time on a computer. Its chemical composition is analyzed by atomic spectral method of multichannel spectrometer. It was a sharp change the chemical composition of urine in the group working with computer. The amount of aluminum in the 16-year-old for 20 minutes increased by 1.4 times, and for 1 hour with 2.7 times; Bari – 1.3 and 1.8 times; calcium – 1.3 and 1.6 times. There has been an increase in the levels of strontium in the urine by 36% in 16-year-olds who spend one hour in front of the computer. Simultaneously, sharply reduces the content of phosphorus and iron by 30-50%.

As mentioned above, the dependency of the computers exists in all age groups. In the control group (Broken computers) changes in the content of mineral substances for a period of computer work does not exceed 20% and not systemic in nature. It should be noted that the degree of changes in mineral content in urine depends on the duration of work in front of a computer, but no less and the age of the operator. In elderly broadcasting act less and mineral composition of urine is amended for two hours in continuous operation an average of 2.5 times, as with the 16-year-olds.

We studied the need for such mineral substances using a device for bioassay. There is a correlation between the need for minerals and their initial deficit and uninterrupted operation of PC. For example, to start the work deficit as determined by bioassay, was 0.5 g and 2 hours it was increased to 1.2 g or 2.4 times. This is particularly important for women, since according to the studies in the period of the cycle increases the deficiency of calcium, zinc and phosphorus from 2-4 times. In children, deficiency of minerals in the body is even more essential. When working with a computer for 20 minutes and initial deficit 1 g. For older this magnitude practically does not change, while 16-year-olds it increased by 1.5 g., While 10-year-olds reach 9.5 g. it is clear that electromagnetic radiation of computers act of man by distorting exchange of mineral substances in his body.

Of course, the thermal exchange is violated in a number of diseases. B. Livshits (Russia) on the basis of their research with cows receive data on any changes that occur in the chemical composition in the body and are listed in Table 1.

On the other side, it is known that under certain conditions is increased need for minerals, as indicated in Table 2.

From the comparison of the data in the two tables, it is clear that the transmission computer modify the chemical composition of the urine of some other similar diseases, primarily cancer and other related mental retardation.

The current sanitary standards recognize that the immunity of children to broadcasts of the computer is much lower and therefore establish a short period of time that children spend on computer work – 10 to 30 minutes a week, depending on their age. However, these regulations are not respected and children spend on the computer for several hours a day.

According to I. Navikov to 40% of school leavers have limited career choices for their health. In the period from 12 to 14 years the percentage of boys with poor mechanical memory has increased from 11.9 to 28.5 percent, while in girls with poor semantic memory has increased from 9.4 to 19.2 percent.

So far there is no scientific basis to damage from radiation monitor PCs on health. This leads to the fact that the rules for the size of the radiation constantly changing based on statistical data. Significant differences in the assessments of the impact of emissions on the computer on human health associated with that form around the computer electromagnetic field (EMF) with a range of frequency of 3 Hz to 300 MHz and not all act the same way in humans. In the US standards require strengthening the requirements for harmful emissions in the range of 3 to 100 Hz, and a number of studies do not recommend to 1000 Hz. The high efficiency of the weak electromagnetic fields (EMF) is explained by the fact that the signals in providing a range mimic the signals of cells in various organs and the whole body system as it weakens or strengthens. It is therefore necessary to examine not so magnitudes of the voltage of the electromagnetic fields, but their private characteristics. In this connection, in 1997 researchers found acceptable parameters in two ranges 5 ÷ 2 ÷ 2 kHz and 400 kHz, rather than one, as it was earlier.

Table 1

Diagnosis Contents of some minerals in the blood (mg/liter)
Cu A1 Pb
Acute leukemia 85,6 712 18,2
Malignant cancer 74,3 735 34,0
Health 64,2 602 32,9

Table 2

A list of diseases in which treatment is required increased use of certain minerals.

Substance Disease
Phosphorus Rheumatism, hypertension, acute respiratory disease, decline in neural activity, arthralgia, insomnia, headache, decreased sexual activity, palpitations.
Iron Rheumatism, stress, decreased hemoglobin disorder of the digestive tract, reproductive and urogenital system.
Calcium Polyps (nose, urinary bladder, uterus, etc.), Developed bone tissue.
Aluminum Weakening of the brain, nervous diseases, overall weakness (especially in the legs), weight loss of vision, tinnitus, catarrh of the respiratory and digestive system.
Barium Mental retardation, retarded mental and physical development.

To protect the health of the users, especially when it comes to children, it is necessary necessarily be applied certificate to the computer with established requirements for its use in kindergartens.

Child psychiatrists and psychologists believe that at the root of much childhood illness standing negative impact of televisions and computers. On the other hand, they believe that television in different ways, consciously or not encode the behavior of the child or young person compels him to live under the laws of the soft world.

As experience shows, ideas for protection against the negative influence of torsion fields (TF) monitors of personal computers (PC) and other electronic techniques are considered difficult. However we should not forget that there are numerous facts and evidence about the negative impacts of monitors PCs on the user even in the presence of several protective devices in the form of various modifications.

Traditional reasons due to the prevailing concern not so much the issue of protection on the user of the negative impact of the monitors of personal computers, and in fact to everything that is emerging in the field of scientific knowledge.


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