Personal Data Protection Policy - Spinor Bulgaria

For us the protection and the security of our customers and users and the observation of the legal frames constitute a substantial part of the principles for protection of your personal data.

KRESON GROUP LTD is a company, registered in the Trade Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 201524402, with headquarters and management address Sofia, Krasna Poliana 2, 16 Sirma Voevoda Str., Phone: 0895 686 008, E-mail:

The competent supervisory authority in Bulgaria is the Commission for personal data protection (CPDP) :

  • Adress: 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., Sofia 1592
  • Phone: +359 2 915 3 518
  • E-mail:,
  • Website:

This Privacy Policy aims to provide you with information about what actions are being performed on the personal data you provide to KRESON GROUP LTD (hereinafter referred to as Spinor Bulgaria), namely:

  • What personal data do we collect and process ?
  • What is the purpose of collection ?
  • How do we process your personal data ?
  • How long do we store the personal data provided?
  • Who do we share personal data with?
  • What are your rights with regard of the personal information you provide?
  • What kind of „cookies“ do we use ?
  • What protection measures do we use?

Personal data

Personal data is any information directly or indirectly related to an identifiable natural person. Personal data processing includes: data collection, storage, destruction, transmission, correction/alteration, update, deletion, erasure and any other operations performed on your personal data.

You are not obliged and we do not require you to provide your personal information (data) so you can surf our website or have access to its content. More information about the terms of use of the web pages you can find in the General Terms.

Via User Profile. On the current website you can create a User Profile – the user registers personally and voluntarily. The profile is created for the purpose of buying a product from the online store and it includes the following information: Name, E-mail, Nickname, Address, Phone number. All the data from the profile is provided to a third party (courier company Econt Express Ltd.) for the sole purpose of delivery of the ordered product.

Via payment through PayPal. When the user chooses this option, he is being transferred to PayPal’s system. Falkon Best Ltd does not store personal data or information about your PayPal account in their database.

The purpose of collecting data

The collected information is being gathered and processed with the sole purpose to provide the services of the website: The personal data collected during the use of this site serves to make a purchase from the online store possible, to improve the user’s experience, to gather statistical information and to make possible for our clients to give us feedback.

Personal data storage period

The data is stored for the whole time while the user account is active. The personal information, provided by other persons via one of the mentioned in this policy form, is stored for 1 (one) year from the moment of their provision.

User rights

As Users you are entitled to the following rights:

  • Right to access personal information undergoing processing and right to receive its copy;
  • Right to request a correction if you find inaccuracies or if you need to update your personal information;
  • Right to request restriction or limited processing of your personal data in the cases determined by law and Regulation;
  • Right to request erasure of personal information whenever the necessary conditions are met;
  • Right to file a complaint or request an action to protect your rights by the Commission for personal data protection if the prerequisites are in place.

You may exercise all the rights above at any time of processing your personal data by submitting a written and signed request to the following address: Sofia, Krasna Poliana 2, 16 Sirma Voevoda Str., Phone: 0895 686 008, E-mail:


Cookies are a package of information sent from a web server to Internet browser and after that returned from the browser each time when it receives access to this server. There are various kinds of cookies. They are with different validity and the minimal one is only up to the end of the session and the maximal one shall be within a term of 3 years, and their management is made through the settings of the browser of the User.

You may find more information about cookies and their management on the following link:

We should warn you that the refusal from cookies may result in reduction of the functionalities of the Web Site as well as in deterioration of the quality of the service we render through it.

Instruments for statistics and remarketing

Facebook Pixel – instrument of Facebook, through which we receive statistics for the visits to the site and the efficiency of our Facebook advertisements. The data collected through it do not bear information through which we should identify specific natural persons. Regardless of that, the information from Facebook Pixel provides the Users with possibility to be personally identified and receive target advertisement in the social network of the same name.

We use this instrument aimed at offering you only topical offers as well as at your not getting too frequently to the same our advertisements.

Find out more of the official personal data policy of Facebook Ireland Ltd. here:

You may manage your settings for personalized advertisements in Facebook from here:

Google Analytics – an instrument of Google Inc, thanks to which we receive statistics for the attendance of our site, and you – only relevant advertisements. The information we receive is not sufficient for us to identify you as a natural person, but on the basis of its collection, you still may be personally identified by Google Inc. The information shall be kept for 26 months, after which it shall be automatically deleted.

If you wish to give up being traced down from Google Analytics globally from all the sites, you may do it through the indicated link –

We are obligated to warn you, however, that this will not stop the advertisements you see, but will only make them more irrelevant which means also less and less useful for yourselves.


Encryption – To protect your personal data from misuse by third parties, the information provided by you is in an encrypted form through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. You may get assured of it from the availability of green with a padlock in the progress bar on your browser and from the fact that the URL address starts with “https”.


For any questions about the use of personal data and their protection or for the withdrawal of the consent for their processing, contact us on the following e-mail: