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Damage of computers and laptops

Damage of computers and laptops does not end with a sedentary lifestyle, eye strain and lack of sport. Over the past more than 10 years, scientists explore phenomena such as electromagnetic smog, electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields that emanate from the technique. The main object of study is their impact on human health, ways to neutralize their effects on overall healthy life and opportunities to neutralize them to the extent that we use computers and technology to the full, without suffering for it.

Here is presented a series of articles on these topics, as well as information protection devices that protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Мониторите на лаптопи като източници на ЕМИ

Notebook monitors as sources of EMF

Notebook monitors with cathode-ray tube (CRT) are sources of electrostatic fields, X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared rays, and (over-) low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. The question of the possible […]
Компютрите и детското здраве

Computers and child health

Computers and child health is a serious problem in modern societies, of which deserve special attention. Today, in the modern world there is a very powerful […]
Синдром на компютърния стрес

Computer stress syndrome

Experts from medical circles are concerned that among the operators of computers as a new type of still undetermined illness that is accompanied by a group […]
Въздействието на персоналните компютри върху човешкия организъм

Impact of personal computers on the human body

The heart and brain are peculiar generators of electromagnetic and torsion fields and whole body there radiates its own unique torsion field (called by Birden “scalar […]