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Notebook monitors as sources of EMF

Компютрите и детското здраве
Computers and child health

Notebook monitors as sources of EMF

Мониторите на лаптопи като източници на ЕМИ

Notebook monitors with cathode-ray tube (CRT) are sources of electrostatic fields, X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared rays, and (over-) low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The question of the possible impact of complex electromagnetic emissions or their variants and their relationship with the onset of various diseases is placed long ago by scientists and researchers. By the end of the 50s in Ukraine and Russia are first introduced regulations limiting radiofrequency impact; in the late 60s Soviet scientists discovered the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the central nervous system of humans; in the 70s this issue is already the subject of serious discussion and research.

X-rays arise as a result of the collision of the electron beam with the inner surface of a CRT. Usually glass picture tube is impervious to X-rays. When operating normally display emission levels do not exceed the levels of background radiation. According to the distance of the distance broadcasts even geometrically reduce its progressiveness.

The source of the electrostatic field shows positive potential, as of accelerating the electron beam due to the specific inner surface of the screen. The intensity of the box multicolor display can reach up to 18 kV. On the outer side of the screen are drawn negative particles from the air, which at normal humidity have a certain conductivity. If the outer surface of the screen is grounded, the negative charge on it lowers the voltage of the electrostatic field by 40-50% at a dry air and more than 50% in the humid air in the room.

Sources of electromagnetic radiation appear mains power (at 50 Hz), a system for lateral index (2-400 kHz), units from the modulation beam in CRT (5-10 mHz). Electromagnetic fields have electric and magnetic components whose relationship is extremely complex. Assessing the impact of electric and magnetic components are made separately, but together they have a harmful effect on humans.

What are the dangers of these harmful influences? Scientists found that emissions from the screen of the laptop in the first place negative influence of the central nervous system of its user, causing headaches, dizziness, nausea, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite and stress. On the other hand, the nervous system reacts and short in duration and influences may lead to changes in the hormonal balance of the body and disorders biocurrents in the brain.

Particularly affected by this process are learning ability and memory. Low frequency electromagnetic fields may cause a number of skin diseases. As well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; they affect the white blood cells, which increases the risk of tumors, including malignant. Particular attention scientists and researchers turn to the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on women during their pregnancy.

Statistics testify that the work of the laptop or other computer disrupts the normal course of pregnancy, increases the risk of miscarriage and often the reason for having children with birth defects, including abnormalities in brain development. Electrostatic field of high voltage may be amended and interrupts cell development and cause cataracts of the eyes followed by darkening of the lens.

Working with a laptop on the knees harmful occupation

The problem of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on notebooks deserves serious attention. Electrostatic field and X-rays actually absent in LCD monitors, but as far as the variable electromagnetic fields (EMF), the approval of the safety of portable computers advance these parameters is obviously premature. Often think that portable computers such as Notebook – they are safe for the user and does not require any additional protection measures as a screen filters, and therefore are considered truly “green” devices, protect human health and consuming significantly smaller energy than their cathode-ray “cousins”.

At the core of these scientific productions is the fact that laptops are used liquid crystal displays that do not generate all the possible harmful emissions normally inherent in CRT monitors.

However, results of studies conducted in the center for the study of reflections on monitors notebooks “Elite” and “Cyclone-Test” (Moscow, Russia) show that electromagnetic radiation of laptops significantly exceed environmental standards. Given the results of tests of the magnitudes of Notebook EMI – they can get to the conclusion that the torsion (information) component does not differ significantly from CRT monitors according to the levels of harmful emissions on the user.

Swedish regulatory standards recommended by the Council of the European Economic Community, spread with CRT monitors. If the levels of radiation monitors CRT are normalized, proceeding from the need for security of users, it is quite logical to assess the compliance of these norms and computers with LCD monitors. Normally, laptops are deployed by their users in close proximity to the body and therefore are likely sources of harmful radiations affect the areas of vital organs for humans, especially since some users the Notebook used to have laptops on their laps.

CRT monitors are not the only sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Generating electromagnetic fields, they can convert the power voltage of the power supply (when working with electrical wiring), and the control circuit and generating information on LCD monitors.

“Elite” and “Cyclone-Test” centers studied 5 types of laptops manufactured by well-known foreign companies. Measurements conducted by distance calculated from the center of the keyboard, which can not be given laptop screen. Given the nature of the use of laptops have further assessed the levels of emissions of shorter distances than the aforementioned Swedish regulatory standards required.

The results of the research show that in the first frequency range with power laptop from the network and independently by the battery in either of two directions Swedish regulatory standards are not met in many tested laptops. A single Notebook application known global brand meets all regulatory standards already mentioned. In the range of high frequencies situation the user is slightly better, although only one computer is in compliance with environmental standards for both power modes. Moreover, not only the user of the laptop, but also its neighbors seats on the plane, for example, or in a car is something that is worth contemplating.

Special care for their health needs to make the person sitting to the right of the laptop user in the process of working with him. It is in this direction directed all the research on the problem of harmful emissions. It should be borne in mind that the levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) laptops exceed regulatory parameters of the majority of CRT computer monitors. This, of course, is quite understandable. To increase the protection of electromagnetism monitors with CRT, the manufacturers take special measures since the sale of such computers without safety certificates from the visual and emission parameters is very difficult.

Longtime research on the health of operators hardware and software systems enable to establish a disharmony in their hormonal balance, immune status and lipid peroxidation, the severity of which depends on the total volume of work with the notebook. The results of the analysis of hormonal status of members of these groups are in full compliance with the conclusion of experts from the World Health Organization that the work associated with the use of software and hardware programs are seen as a factor that is stressful to the human body. The condition of the renal system among users of those systems to laptops shows that young people (members of the technical universities) produce hyper activity and service of five years or more, regardless of their sex, the content of cortisone in the body is significantly reduced, which is the reason for the decline adaptive capacity of their body.

Observed to contain higher sensitivity of the system in the metabolism of sex steroids to professional computer stress: in men using similar computer systems to spot changes in the content and ratio of sex hormones – decrease in testosterone levels and an increase in estradiol. Scientists explain to the above harmful influences not only the appearance of hormonal imbalance, but also the tendency of the immune system to develop autoimmune processes, depletion of endogenous antioxidants in the blood serum in the system to users of portable computers and their response factors in the physical nature low intensity (EMF, static electricity, X-rays, etc.). This leads to an increase in free radicals in the body especially with age and evidence of premature aging of their body, the cause of which is considered harmful influence lipid synthesis, structure and function of DNA.

All the above stated reasons for the need to develop and implement a set of preventive measures for users of portable computers.


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