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Known basic risk factors for health disorders

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Въздействието на персоналните компютри върху човешкия организъм
Impact of personal computers on the human body

Known basic risk factors for health disorders

The problem of the negative influence of computer on human health is solved in two ways. This is not false articulated problem since accumulated a lot of evidence that the monitors of personal computers (PC) and keyboard have a negative impact on their user. Therefore, it is first necessary to examine the effect of radiation from PC monitors on the flora and fauna. Pic. 1 depicts plants that are under the influence of radiation from monitors for 10 days, and at a distance of 50 cm from the screen of the monitor without protection from the effects of torsion fields (left). Pic. 2 shows deviations from the normal vertical position of the branches of the palm trees in the radiation monitor for 14 days.





Pic. 1 (left) clear inhibitory effects of radiation from the monitor on plant growth. In the materials of the First Congress of the European Association bio-electricalmagnetism are given facts confirming the negative impact of PC monitors on living organisms. A. M. Laverdur (France) conducted an experiment with fruit flies to determine the biological effects of exposure radiation of that kind. Fruit flies are located at a distance of 50 cm in front of the monitor screen during the period of embryonic development (pic. 3) and the whole period of their development.
In a series of tests conducted with groups of 500 eggs each, the mortality rate among adults has increased significantly by 14% in the control group and 31.9% in the group exposed to radiation monitor of the PC (pic. 3).



1 – control group;
2 – mortality rates of fruit flies, which are exposed to radiation monitor during their embryonic development.
3 – levels of mortality of fruit flies exposed to radiation monitor during their later development;
4 – fruit flies under protection.

The development and behavior of white rats after a stay in the zone of influence of PC monitors are discussed in materials R. and D. Rus Colin (France). Animals are placed in boxes Plexiglas and placed in front of a computer monitor at a distance of 60 cm from its center. It was found that at birth irradiated animals of both sexes have a significant weight change. It was conducted “shock test” with adult animals, in which case was used electroshock for determining the threshold of sensitivity and reactions of animals. It has been found that the sensitivity threshold is increased significantly in the groups subjected to radiation, and that their mobility is in degrees less (pictures. 4)spinor-32

1 – mortality of the control group of male rats;
2 – mortality of male rats that are under the monitor;
3 – male rats under protection;
4, 5, 6 – the same ratio, but in female rats.

In rats radiation leads to mental and behavioral problems. The impact of emissions on the monitor of the PCs on developing chicken embryos were examined by Betty F. Cisco and others scientists in this field in the United States. Tests were conducted in three incubators of wood and plastic. In 5 days the eggs were placed at a distance of 50 cm from the monitor screen. The results of the preliminary test are shown in pic. 5.



1 – control group;
2 – chicken embryos, which are under the influence of the radiation monitor during the period of embryonic development;
3 – the embryos are protected from the negative impact of TF.

The diagram shows that the number of embryos with abnormal development in the group subjected to irradiation, was 1.5-fold higher than those which are not irradiated. There is a delay in the formation of the fruit or generally lack thereof. Embryos fragile and biologically weak.
Biological systems communicate with each other via radio like resonance. Communication is done specifically at the molecular level and every interaction occurs at the speed of light in the form of a unique frequency pattern. Water plays a significant role as a mediator for this communication as it enhances and sent preliminary signals. Water has memory. It has the ability to store information for a long period of time under consideration in the form of liquid crystals. The ability of water to maintain the patterns of information derived from options on the geometry of its molecules to form very different structure forms.

The frequency of information models are rooted in structural network of water. Capacity data storage in water is endless. EMF may introduce “information model” in the water. However, if printed model no hertz scalar waves, it is stored for a much longer time. Rhine reported that scalar no hertz model in the water can be stored successfully for up to three weeks. In general, the water is considered as a mediator between the physical and subtle energy worlds. Such an assertion is based on the ability of water to accumulate, store and transmit energy and scalar data models.
Light communicate with very subtle energy bodies. As explained Byrd, in fact there are two types biophotons. One type – in fact scalar photon. It can not be detected by conventional means. Scalar photon is extremely subtle phenomenon. Scalar photons travel to the hyper space and vacuum, which, of course, is home to many subtle energy bodies. Along with information models the bio
photons are decorated, so to speak, or more specifically, can be decorated by programming the field of reason. Scalar photon provides active information and as such it is an incentive for self-organization and switching the action of the cells.

Scalar wave can create vibrations that occur during compression and relaxation of the rotating electrons. The distribution of scalar waves distort the local space-time. When this happens, the balance of potential vacuum prejudice and accumulated energy can be extracted. (Sometimes it refers to a point of zero energy. When a state of balance is upset, the virtual particles of physical vacuum of space are converted into elementary particles that can be observed. Then they can be used in electrical circuits which produce free energy.)

Interestingly, one way for the emergence of scalar waves is the use of spirals, consisting of two intertwined wires coiled in that form. Electrical power is supplied in opposite directions, with the result that there is mutual destruction of the visible elements of the electromagnetic energy and it remains a scalar. If this picture is broadcast by diseased cells, the picture of the disease will be transmitted to all cells in the body. The core cell may be understood as a capacitor. When energy is accumulated in the nuclei of cells, it may be repeatedly subjected to the model “charge-release”, thereby providing energy and electricity for a variety of processes in biological and non-biological levels.

At the cellular level scalar waves bio-potential load, which is the basis for the functioning of cells. The cells react more strongly to magnetic and electrical effects, as well as the higher charge. Now they are able to become more energy and processed in such a light and accumulate them in cells in the form of ultraviolet light. The minimum potential or charge for activation of DNA for cell division becomes more easily achievable. Higher potential allows electricity that needs to read the RNA to DNA. When RNA scans, so to speak, DNA full range of low frequencies (our evolution), it creates a holographic projection of DNA. When RNA topological contact with this projection, creates a copy of DNA for reproduction. This incredibly complex and reasonable treatment occurs in the micro.

There are indications that the technology of torsion fields examined in the last 10 years in Russia. In the western world Byrd spoke of scalar wave technology. It seems that the concepts of scalar and torsion are synonymous in different hemispheres of the planet. Current publications widely used term torsion. Other sources include terms аxion and swirling fields. Perhaps in the near future will emerge some leading guide instructions that will help the union of all these concepts and notions.

Over the last decade in Russia several research groups have conducted an extensive study called “torsion fields”. Akimov said that the global periodicals are references to 10 000 tests of torsion fields. The main scientific work on this subject belongs to over 100 scientists. Half of theoreticians of torsion fields are from Russia. Akimov also states that the first torsional oscillator was built in 1980 in Russia. The establishment of the torsion generator provided Russian scientists immense opportunities for experiments and practical results. According to some Russian scientists torsion generators are capable of simulating unusual tricks made by physicists. Moreover, they are finding that they are able to create new phenomena and not intrinsic to physics. Today, torsion fields can be detected by various methods.


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