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Biosafety area

Biosafety area is created by protective devices “Spinor”inlefttorsionfieldsareas, adverselyaffecting human health. Itis created by inducing mutual compensationof the fieldsofmodernelectronicsandappliancestoprotectagainst harmful impact. Biosafety zonedoesnotaffect the performanceofequipment (computers, mobile phones, routers, etc.).

The following publications contain information about protection devices and the nature of their worknot only in terms of the creation of biosafety area, but the overall obstruction of injury to the humans and animalshealth.

Въздействието на персоналните компютри върху човешкия организъм

Impact of personal computers on the human body

The heart and brain are peculiar generators of electromagnetic and torsion fields and whole body there radiates its own unique torsion field (called by Birden “scalar […]

Protective devices. Sticker “Spinor”

Employees of “Spinor International” (Kiev, Ukraine) were able to develop devices to protect man from the mobile phones torsion fields (TF) developed a diffraction grating with […]

Protective devices. Device “Vernada Geo”

“Vernada Geo” – protection against the torsion fields negative influence of Wi-Fi routers and geopathogenic zones in the rooms. Device “Vernada Geo” neutralizes the effects of […]

Protective devices. Device “Vernada”

Mobile phones base stations – sources of techno pathogenic emissions The negative impact of tehno patogenic areas of special geodynamic zones is growing more and more […]