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Protective devices. Device “Vernada Geo”

Protective devices. Device “Vernada”
устройство за предпазване от вредните влияния на телевизори и монитори
Protective devices. Device “Forpost – 1”

Protective devices. Device “Vernada Geo”

“Vernada Geo” – protection against the torsion fields negative influence of Wi-Fi routers and geopathogenic zones in the rooms.

Device “Vernada Geo” neutralizes the effects of torsion fields emissions of Wi-Fi routers, wireless networks and geopathogenic zones in the home, office and other premises, and protects people from the harmful effects of torsion radiation.


The device comprises a plastic housing in which is located an inverter and detection system of networks. When the device is turned on is performed inversion of the left torsion fields (TF) in phase makes the conduit network, which leads to the formation of straight torsion fields. In response, there has been a significant change in the levels of torsion radiation of Wi-Fi routers and geopathogenic zones – areas where lies in the capacity of the said phase wire conduit.

The fact that Wi-Fi harms the body has already been published by foreign media and Ukrainian scientists confirm data. However, the question of the dangers of this technology is rarely raised at the state level – the permanent debate revolves around cell connections, but overt threat to human health from electromagnetic radiation of mobile networks makes very few people to give up the convenience of similar means communication. In turn, in alliance with Wi-Fi routers to promote wireless technology, users are confident in the overall safety. But this is not so.

The impact of torsion radiation Wi-Fi routers

In connection with the development of the Internet to connect wirelessly with global electronic networks becoming more widely deployed Wi-Fi systems. Recently the Internet were published numerous articles on the question whether they are hazardous to health Wi-Fi networks by considering their effect not only on humans but also on trees and all living systems in general, and especially irreparable damage to inflict on children’s health and adolescents.

It should be borne in mind that the Wi-Fi operates at the same frequency of the microwave oven, a human that frequency is not harmless. There is a huge number of published studies which prove that Wi-Fi is detrimental to the health of all mammals, including human health.

Among the diseases caused by Wi-Fi, most often it occurs cancer, cardiovascular diseases, dementia and memory impairment. In the US, UK and Germany are increasingly refuse the use of Wi-Fi at schools, hospitals and universities.

“Vernada Geo” neutralizes the negative effect of the Wi-Fi where the device is plugged in and charging “Vernada Geo” and Wi-Fi out using the same phase conduit of the grid. As mentioned earlier, when you turn the device to the network is done inversion of the left torsion fields of the phase conduit network makes torsion fields, which is equivalent to the formation of a new torsion right field. The reaction on the Wi-Fi routers is expressed in a significant reduction in the levels of torsion fields generated by them in the territory where it is located as a conduit for supply of the said phase conduit.


“Методы и приборы защиты от торсионного излучения” Павленко А.Р.