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Geopathogenic areas

Geopathogenic areas are global rectangular and diagonal degree in networks on Earth. Geopathogenic areas torsion broadcasts are left and right, as the left are potentially dangerous to humans, animals and living organisms. During prolonged stay in geopathogenic areas, human health deteriorated and risks of the emergence of serious illnesses increases.

In articles publishedhere are talkingabout the essence of the geopathogenic areas, for studies and researchthat explore their impact on health and equipment for protectionagainst impact.

устройство за предпазване от вредните влияния на телевизори и монитори

Protective devices. Device “Forpost – 1”

Device for protection against the negative influence of the monitors of PCs and TV screens. Experts from the National Technical University, the team of “Spinor International” […]

Protective devices. Device “Vernada Geo”

“Vernada Geo” – protection against the torsion fields negative influence of Wi-Fi routers and geopathogenic zones in the rooms. Device “Vernada Geo” neutralizes the effects of […]

Protective devices. Device “Vernada”

Mobile phones base stations – sources of techno pathogenic emissions The negative impact of tehno patogenic areas of special geodynamic zones is growing more and more […]

Influence of geopathogenic areas (GPA) in humans

There is in the world insufficient statistics for people diseased of a long time resided in geopathogenic areas (GPA). These facts, however, require serious study to […]