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Energyinformative influence

Energy informative influence is an impact of electromagnetic fields on energy and information field around the human body. Health is a unity between the three types of bodies (physical, energy and informative) and changes in the past two lead to medical conditions and deterioration in the health of humans and animals.

In the following articles you can explore the nature of energy informative influence with the effects of electromagnetic fields, as well as ways to protect energy informative.


Protective devices. Device “Vernada Geo”

“Vernada Geo” – protection against the torsion fields negative influence of Wi-Fi routers and geopathogenic zones in the rooms. Device “Vernada Geo” neutralizes the effects of […]

Protective devices. Device “Vernada”

Mobile phones base stations – sources of techno pathogenic emissions The negative impact of tehno patogenic areas of special geodynamic zones is growing more and more […]

Problem of the harmful effects of modern technology and pathogenic zones electromagnetic radiation

With the publication of this report, Spinor Bulgaria undertooks to publish in agreement with our colleagues from the Spinor International, aim to illustrate the seriousness of […]

Harmful effects of relay antennas

Harmful effects of the relay antennas and wind turbines on human health and animals Development of new technologies such as wind turbines or relay antennas that […]