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Computer exposure

Irradiation of the computers is harmful to the health of not only those directly in front of him authorities but also indirectly on overall health. Electromagnetic fields pose risks not only for the eyes but also can trigger serious diseases and mental disorders.

See what dangers lie radiation from computers, exactly what kind of research has been done on the issue and how to protect yourself in the following articles:

устройство за предпазване от вредните влияния на телевизори и монитори

Protective devices. Device “Forpost – 1”

Device for protection against the negative influence of the monitors of PCs and TV screens. Experts from the National Technical University, the team of “Spinor International” […]

Problem of the harmful effects of modern technology and pathogenic zones electromagnetic radiation

With the publication of this report, Spinor Bulgaria undertooks to publish in agreement with our colleagues from the Spinor International, aim to illustrate the seriousness of […]