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Torsion fields

Wi-Fi is dangerous for humans, nature and everything alives
смъртоносното въздействие на мобилните телефони над човешкия ембрион
Mobile phones – the modern scourge of birth

Torsion fields

Torsional or informational components of the electromagnetic radiations are those phase changes of the physical vacuum which concluded in symmetrical distortions of the envelope of the photons as they pass through the physical vacuum of electromagnetic waves.

It should be noted that the torsion field (TA) can occur not so much in the presence of electromagnetic radiation as in generating significant objects from the material world (a form of torsion field) and different structures in the crust of the Earth, plants and biofield of living organisms.

An example of torsion fields that generate such structures in the crust of the Earth are called. geopathogenic areas, and among men, black spots and called. “Magic fields”. Similar myths about specific geographic point at which persons are the result of centuries of observation. Shepherds, for example, noticed that animals avoid these places and these people experience discomfort and anxiety, while residing in them. Fear of the unknown burdens these sites with rumors and beliefs, with the result that they begin to enjoy the negative reputation. On the other hand, there are places with a strong power that people have long visit to get away from everyday worries and restore their energy reserves. Conditional torsion fields are divided into right and left. Straight torsion fields appear favorable for man, while leftists have a negative influence on him.

Experimentally it was shown that the majority of electronic movements generate left torsion fields. First are mobile phones, televisions, monitors, notebooks and microwave ovens. We should pay special attention to the antennas of the base stations as a means of mobile communications towers and wind turbines.

It is believed that electromagnetic fields emerged as the main factors negatively impact on people. However, according to recent research that took place in Ukraine, Russia and France, the main factors for negative impacts on human health appear precisely torsion electromagnetic radiations. We should not ignore the fact that levels of electromagnetic radiations produced by most electronic devices, relatively not so high, and torsion fields generated by these devices can reach significant quantities.

As is known, terror units are describing the whole physical world, and yet there are no many. This means that there is still much to be explored. Although torsion fields for several decades are examined, the official science because of his work in many new directions in no hurry to recognize the presence of torsion fields. But because they are genuinely phenomenon, it is bound to exist as a science that tries to describe these phenomena and to systematize. Clearly, the study of different places with mythological names like “magic boxes” can be called skepticism. But if you ignore the prejudices we can conclude that it is unlikely anyone to dispute that there emerge certain processes that need detailed and thoroughly be investigated. This now deals a small group of scientists from around the world. It should be noted that some clues about torsion fields appear very early. The famous french mathematician Henri Cartan offers in 1922 hypothesis of the existence of torsion influences, but his hypothesis goes unnoticed at the time and only in the 80s of the twentieth century her interested scientists from Ukraine and Russia.

The reality is that nowadays there are devices with the help of which can only be registered or absence of torsion fields, evaluate them qualitatively define “torsion contrast.” The most effective and affordable method for the detection and evaluation of torsion fields is a method of biоlocation known for several thousands of years. Furthermore, the assessment of the influence of the torsion fields it is possible by means of indirect methods, comparing, for example, the state of the human body before and after the impact of the TF. For comparison we can use, for example, results from blood tests or those diagnosed with the help of equipment that displays the status of the body in real time and in its dynamic change.

Some people tangibly feel the influence of the left torsion fields, which can provoke physical discomfort, fatigue and sometimes painful sensations. In general we can say that people of higher age are more sensitive than younger ones, and that women are more sensitive than men. However, most objective indicator of the influence of torsion fields lifestyle appearing animals. They feel very well distributions of the left torsion fields and try to avoid them.