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Telluric network – the actions of planet Earth

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Telluric network – the actions of planet Earth

Our planet Earth is in a constant state of action. Evidence for this are many: the earth quakes, volcanoes erupt, the compass shows north, tides alternate with low tides.

Cracks are network climbs and branches to the ground. Through this network is performed release of energy. When the cracks do not reach the earth’s surface, talk about “area of slippage”, a term which we will use in the next part of the article (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Geodynamic incision, Dr. Divakov, Russia


We do not know what happens in the bowels of the earth. Part of its internal activity is revealed by the eruption of volcanoes and seismic through. This section is visible as earthquakes caused full and partial collapse of structures and buildings located on areas of slip (Figure 2). As for the invisible part of this activity, it is expressed in tiny movements of land in gas and emission of pulsed electromagnetic fields that are natural or up from the ground.

Figure 2: Limited destruction of a building located on the area of the slip, Armenia, 1988


Damage from natural origin and pollution

When a building is situated on an area of the slide (Figure 3), it bears:

  • Various partial gas: radon, thorium, CO2, CH4, H (Prolonged inhalation of radon can cause lung cancer);
  • Emission of pulsed electromagnetic fields with low frequency (several hertz to several kilohertz);
  • Slight earth movements, which can cause small cracks.

These are natural phenomena that are present in the lives of the early existence on earth. To be measured are developed geochemical, geophysical and geodetic methods, especially in the work of russian and ukrainian scientists.

Figure 3: House located on the area of the slip