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Mobile phones – the modern scourge of birth

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Mobile phones – the modern scourge of birth

смъртоносното въздействие на мобилните телефони над човешкия ембрион

Deadly electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones on the human embryo

In 70-80s of the last century in many developed countries began to note an increase in the number of miscarriages due to death of the embryo in the womb for unclear reasons. This happens most often during the third period of pregnancy. Some experts hypothesized that the health of women affects stress, others continue to look for the real causes of the phenomenon.

It affects Russia – many scientists noticed that in 90 years the number of children decreased continuously. Appear scientific articles as “dead men we as a nation” of S. V. Sobolev.

Russian President consults the governors what about birth in their provinces. In order for it to be increased is introduced so-called “maternal capital”. According to official data the situation with birth rate would improve. The problem with reducing the number of children has been replaced with that of the total fertility rate, a reason for its occurrence – the issue of poor ecology. Those responsible for the death of healthy children in the wombs of healthy mothers are not looking because “the embryo is not yet a man and his life and health does not satisfy anyone except the mother herself.”

But what happens to the human embryo as it grows and develops in the womb? In 2008 the report of the chief obstetrician at St. Petersburg E. K. Aylamazyan noted that in our city because of poor environmental conditions to a third of children are born with abnormalities such as Down syndrome. It is a pity that the Ministry of Health began to show concern for children’s health only after the children were born, ie when in some cases it is too late. Down’s syndrome remains for life and the patient will never become a normal person. Therefore, external conditions can alter the genetic properties of the future man. Such characteristics have carcinogenic factors, such as certain chemicals or various types of radiation. The Institute for Pediatric Pathology prof. B. I. Gluhovets demonstrated that embryos fallen about 40% are genetic and 60% – infectious amendments.

In “Energy model of carcinogenesis” V. A. Olsyannikov refers to carcinogenic factors and broadcasts in radio range. They easily enter the body of the pregnant woman and affect the fetus by causing genetic changes within its tissues. Because the embryo not yet have its own protective immune and reparation systems to protect from such changes, it may either die from them, or to be born with those changes. As success in medicine sounds announcement that american scientists have removed a malignant tumor in yet born fetus. Attempts by individual scientists to draw attention to the dangerous influence of electromagnetic fields on human health are faced with a request to be made supporting studies. The proposed report will be data about the actual intensity of the radiation from mobile telephony repeaters measured jobs in our city. But how to avoid the death of the embryos in the modern world? The advent of mobile phones create conditions in which a radio transmitter is in direct contact with the human body. For this danger today speak many state and in particular the increase in the number of tumors in the brain and salivary glands. But the mobile phone can pose a real deadly threat to humans only in the stage of embryonic development. Measurement of electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones in the pelvis of pregnant women shows that if you ignore the losses in the tissue between the skin and the embryo for the average person this intensity is 500 times higher than the limit according to Russian standards levels. I hope that the numbers will fail to persuade pregnant women to use mobile phones very carefully.

V. A. Olsyannikov (Physical-Technical Institute “A. F. Yoffe “), St. Petersburg