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How to overcome the pollution of the environment

вредни влияния върху човека и животните
Examples of harmful effects on living organisms
Telluric network – the actions of planet Earth

How to overcome the pollution of the environment

Sustainable development and new pollution caused by human

“Development, which seeks to respond to the needs of the present do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their”. This is the first definition of sustainable development which Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundland gives as Prime Minister of Norway in 1987.

“The ways of production and consumption must respect the human environment and the natural one and allow all inhabitants of the Earth to meet their basic needs to eat to have a home, to dress, to train, to work, to live in a healthy environment “(page of the Ministry of ecology, technology, sustainable development and spatial Planning).

These principal applications are essential, because in recent decades, especially in industrialized countries, the impact of man on earth is growing significantly. We are all agreed on that pollution of water, air and earth resulting from man plays an essential role in the deterioration of our environment. We can even determine the increase in structures related to electricity: mobile telephony, wind turbines, wireless internet, bluetooth, high voltage cables – all these technologies improve our daily lives but also have harmful and invisible influence which currently can not be measured and concerns the physical environment by changing the energy properties of the Earth. Thus through her living beings are subjected to a new kind of pollution, whose effects remain poorly studied so far.

The work of the author and his colleagues in homes and farms in France, Austria, Romania, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine enabled it to establish the occurrence of phenomena that have hitherto been inexplicable.

They found that, indeed, if a wind turbine or pylon, which has a relay antenna is located at the intersection of zones of slip, in which water flows, it can lead to dangerous interference in the health of humans and animals that located a few kilometers away from them because these disorders are driven by invisible from telluric network.

Several factors play an important role:

  • geology – the intersection of the cracks, the movement of water (continuous cracks), type of rocks;
  • shaped pylons (height);
  • the place of putting into the ground;
  • power transmission means and the affected frequencies.

The combination of these factors and their development (as the increasing power) affect the significance of the interference.

This type of pollution is spreading through the cracks in the ground. This relatively new phenomenon is associated with saturation of the earth, and the threshold of tolerance is passed. Putting the inclusion in voltage relay antennas or wind turbines on critical points, such as in areas of intersection of cracks caused local disturbance of the physical environment – an imbalance dragged behind the occurrence of damage that we call “the flight of bending”.

In 1913 the french mathematician Elie Cartan supposes the existence of this type of fields that are caused by the density of angular movement of rotation; his ideas were developed by russian scientists Anatoly Akimov, Gennady Shipov, Vlayl Kaznacheev and others.

Let’s look at some concepts in the fields of bending:

  • fields of bending created by a spin (angular momentum quantum particles) or shape; They are of two types:- static fields bend the shape of the object (for example, menhir, pylon, metallic element);- dynamic bending fields that appear in the presence of electromagnetic fields which are also called “component of bending of electromagnetic fields”;
  • there are fields of bending left and right.
  • until today, we could not measure the fields of bending which makes their study difficult.

Russian academician Vlayl Kaznacheev has studied the physical interaction between the fields of bending and biological elements (cells, bacteria, etc.) at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine at the World Institute for Space anthropology (Novosibirsk, Russia). He found harmful effects of left field bending on the cells; back – right field bending it look as favorable to living beings.

Practice has shown that prolonged exposure to left field bending can cause interference in animal behavior – aggression and cannibalism, increased leukocytes in the milk of dairy animals, inflammation of the udder, reproductive problems and other diseases, unexplained death.

In humans, this exposure can cause restless sleep, undue tiredness even after seemingly healthy sleep, headache, premature aging, etc. The body tries to resist this external intervention and its reaction depends on the initial state of the organism.

We are all different and react equally to external influences. One person can not feel anything, and another is experiencing strong interference in the same place at the same time.

The difficulty of these phenomena to consider is undoubtedly a result of this subjective element and the lack of funds he be measured. Let us note, however, that some Russian units able to detect these effects (see below “A beauty salon in Vienna”).

When mentally sensitive people it can cause disturbances in behavior – aggression, anxiety, depression. The development of these processes depends on several factors – prolonged exposure to the influence of the left fields of the bending, the deterioration of the immune system, the body reserves and others.

Let us examine the case of a pylon with relay antennas. According to the theory of fields bending long cylinder that forms the flagpole creates left and right fields of bending, which are partly higher and partly lower (Chart 1) even when the electrical equipment is not included. The zone of intersection of the cracks where the water flow creates also fields of bending and if the mast is positioned in the area of intersection, the fields of the bending reinforced.

In this case, they would be further enhanced by the inclusion of the relay antenna and the imported from electromagnetic fields that pass through the insertion into the ground (Figure 2).

Zones of cracks running water represent a channel for the flight bending. Their naturally harmful effect is reinforced by the presence of the relay antennas and wind turbines, although this transfer happens without energy that can be measured (Figure 3).

Figure 1: Bending field created by the pylon.


Figure 2: The position of the pylon in the zone of intersection of the cracks created fields left bending


Figure 3: Position of the wind turbine in the area of intersection of the zone of cracks