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Harmful effects of relay antennas

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Problem of the harmful effects of modern technology and pathogenic zones electromagnetic radiation

Harmful effects of relay antennas

Harmful effects of the relay antennas and wind turbines on human health and animals

Development of new technologies such as wind turbines or relay antennas that are necessary for mobile phones, create new types of contaminants that are distributed through cracks in the ground, can have harmful effects on human health and animals. In this article, Alexander Rusinov shares his experience that led him to reflect on the relationship between some of these structures and interference observed in humans and animals and to propose ways out of this situation.

The article before you can surprise you, as it is interested in problems whose occurrence is less known and who today seldom taken into account. However, these problems are real. It is logical to think that increasing the number of antennas and wind turbines that happens recently in large scale, and their insertion into the ground, creating fields that alter the natural balance of the land and have an effect on the biosphere.

Let’s note that awareness of the truth of these phenomena develop, but this applies more to human health than that of animals.

Rural environment is particularly affected – for example, farm animals are affected (pigpens, places for milking, etc.). As we know, animals are connected to the ground. With the right we pay great attention to human health. But farmers are experiencing difficulties that make us consider the disturbances that affect their livestock. Biased but we attribute this to the reasons related to nutrition, genetics, bacteria or to question the technique of farmers as advise them to turn to inefficient solutions that help them deal with this problem. Just to help farmers, it seems useful to make a statement on the situation and thank the editorial staff of the magazine “GREF” that published this article.

Alexander Rusinov engineer geologist of Russian origin with a degree from Moscow University of Friendship of Peoples, Master in Informatics Engineering and the National School of Engineers of Brest. He now lives in Brittany. He has worked on the issue of the relationship between the cracks in the ground and damage caused by earthquakes and the effect of the activity of cracked over structures and buildings in areas without seismic activity in order to give advice to planners and researchers in these areas. His scientific knowledge and developed his sensitivity made him subsequently be interested in the disturbances that occurred in the environment and which are caused by the ground and the new technologies.

With the help of Association “Prozantel” led by Jean Yugyuen (Finistère), he has developed a protocol for analysis and treatment of these disorders and based TELUS SARL (rusanov@tellus29.com), to respond to requests for help. Real and harmful effects of electromagnetic fields began to be increasingly recognized, though for the time being can not be measured.

Dominic Dangy de Deser (ENGREF, 1971) is an associate in writing this article. He is an engineer in the field of rural development, waters and forests to the Council of agriculture, foods and rural affairs.