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Examples of harmful effects on living organisms

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Examples of harmful effects on living organisms

вредни влияния върху човека и животните

Examples of harmful effects on living organisms caused by natural environment and human

Five examples studied by author

1.Farm milk production in Finistère

It comes to farm with 70 dairy cows. For several years (2001-2004) the farmer operate at a loss due to the levels of leukocytes in the milk that exceed the (Chart 1) because sick cows who refuse to enter the room milking, and when you get into it demonstrate nervousness.

Diagram 1: Development of the level of leukocytes


The farmer found a few solutions to improve the situation: change of nutrition, use of various antibiotics, changing the system of milking and all without result. Assuming that this is a problem in genetics, vet offered to replace part of the herd, but only after two weeks seven new cows too sick.

The farmer then turned to the author by association “Prozantel.” Examination shows that the problems of the farm associated with the position of the buildings over a zone of intersection of cracks (Diagram 2) in which the moving water that causes natural damage. It found that the buildings are surrounded by nine pylons with relay antennas and that 5 of these 9 pylons disturbing the cows, the deterioration of the situation coincides with their placement.

The effect of these relay antennas is neutralized with remedies placed near the antennas and electrical structures on the farm. By placing them in september 2004. cows begin no problem entering the milking room and have no health problems. The levels of leukocytes returned to normal limits and stay within them. Six months after the intervention and the same herd dairy farm quota is exceeded and the farmer is forced to sell 5 cows for it to be respected. Furthermore, since the interference now disappears and asthma, suffered by itself farmer.

Diagram 2: Location of buildings on a farm in the area of intersection of the areas with cracks


2. Farm of dairy cows in the Vosges

The situation of the economy deteriorated in 2002. In just three years the farmer has lost 76 cows and calves levels of leukocytes increased, decreased milk production, and with it the fertility of animals. Calves remained rickety, cows do not like to enter the milking room, and it behaved nervously. The fertilizer into the trench harden.

No explanation of the situation is not found feeding, health status or genetics. The situation was catastrophic and veterinarians and economic authorities did not know what to offer.

The review conducted by the veterinarian shows that the problems are related to the situation of the building on the same flaw as the one pylon with relay antennas located on 3,4 km. and high voltage transformer next to the farm.

The harmful effects of pylons, transformer and some electric appliances for milking are neutralized in June 2005 with the help of security devices. The effect of this is slowing: the cows enter the milking room without difficulty and remain calm inside, the fertilizer becomes liquid again after a week, the levels of leukocytes and production increased (Diagram 3); the loss of calves and cows stopped and the situation returns to normal in the autumn.

Diagram 3: Production and milk quality submitted to the Organization for sanitary protection Vosges


Bailiff verify the effectiveness of the protective device in judicial expertise. For three weeks he removed these funds from the pit with manure.

One week after removing devices fertilizer begins again solidifies after three weeks on top is again hard to the extent that a battery that he throws, remains on the surface, the farmer can safely set foot on it. Manure becomes liquid again one week after the return of the devices in place.

During the three weeks, which means they will die 4 calves, but 19 out of 38 cows received an inflammation of the udder, 3 cows cease to produce milk and 3 give a quarter amount of less.

From now on farmer had to intervene at the request of the Council of Vosges, organizations of sanitary protection ibid and neighboring departments in Marne and Meuse.

3. Center for artificial insemination in Brittany

The study then reduce the quality and quantity of sperm of the best bull shows that the problem is due to the situation of the main building on the same crack on which the relay antenna located 10 km away, and an electric fence.

This activity is carried out with the support of the Association “Prozantel” Dr. Navroki. Semen was analyzed by Russian diagnostic apparatus GDV (www.korotkov.org) before and after neutralization of the relay antenna. It allows the bull to recover by improving the quantity and quality of sperm for four months (Diagram 4).

Diagram 4: Number of doses of semen from a bull center for artificial insemination


4. Beauty in Vienna (Austria)

Staff feel tired, a patient does not feel the improvement of their health. Once intervene at the request of their doctor, the author notes that the building of the beauty salon is located in the area of the crack, which explains the presence of natural damage. Moreover left field bending caused by mains and apparatus are present in very large numbers (relaxation, sauna and other).

Placement of devices to protect these devices is the cause of improving the health of staff. The use of Russian machine diagnostics AMSAT allows the doctor to see rapid improvement in the health of his patient. Diagnostic system AMSAT is a computer apparatus that allows the assessment of the functional condition of the body (www.healthbody.ch).

5. Wind turbine № 4 and robotic milking system

A couple milk from Finistère faces serious problems at the beginning of 2008: high levels of leukocytes in animals, inflammation of the udder decline in milk production, nervous behavior and insanity of cows, besides setting computers and robotic systems for milking is spoil.

Since nothing has changed in the flock, the farmers decided that there is a connection between these disorders and putting into operation on 9 wind turbines nearby.

The intervention of Jean Yugyuen leads to the identification of the culprit – it is a wind turbine № 4, which is located on the zone of intersection of cracks. Putting protection devices solves the problem situation.

From that point on, the author was asked by two farmers from Loire-Atlantique for assistance with the problem of wind turbines disturb their holding and posing wind turbines are ready to cooperate with the job.


The structures of the human have an impact on the physical environment. They change the local properties of the Earth and through it have an effect on people and on animals.

Relay antennas, wind turbines and other electrical structures such as transformers, poles, bikes, etc. endanger the health of the living organisms located a few kilometers away, if they are located in the area of ​​cross-cracks, which moves water. The crack is a way of transmission of these “geo and tehnopathological” harmful influences.

Prolonged exposure to these negative influences can lead to distortions in the proper functioning of the body, confusion in behavior and diseases in humans and animals.

Geomorphological study using geological and topographic maps allow you to see whether these electrical structures and places that appear harmful influences are on the same side of the crack.

In general placement of remedies (tiles of resin or ceramic, which contain extracts of tropical plants from Brazil and stones from Russia) on electrical structures allows to eliminate those emissions. However, we must remain vigilant, as changes in the environment and especially the increase in the power structures can again cause harm. Then you may need a new challenge.